DynaWeb is a collection of anti-censorship services provided by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. (DIT). DynaWeb is a web-based anti-censorship portal. Once users point their web browser at one of the DynaWeb URLs, a web page will be presented similar to the one at http://us.dongtaiwang.com/home_en.php, with most blocked websites as links. In addition, a user can type in any URL in the box on this page and DynaWeb will fetch the pages for him/her instantly. No software is needed, nor are any settings tweaked on a user’s computer. But since the Chinese net police watch DynaWeb’s portal websites closely and block them as soon as they identify them, DynaWeb must indeed be very dynamic. It has hundreds of mirror sites at anytime, and each with a varying IP and DNS domain name, to defeat IP blocking and DNS hijacking. On the backstage, DynaWeb also has mechanisms to proactively monitor the blocking status of each of its mirror sites, and as soon as blocking is detected, it will change the IP and DNS domain name instantly.

To keep users connected to such a dynamic infrastructure, DynaWeb has a variety of channels to keep users updated. For example, a user can send a message to one of DynaWeb’s instant messenger (IM) accounts, and will get an instant reply showing the newest addresses of DynaWeb portals. Similar things are being done with emails. By these many, dynamic channels, DynaWeb outsmarts any attempt to collect all DynaWeb addresses by the censors, because each user receives only a (different) subset of DynaWeb’s addresses. Automatic blocking detection combined with quick reaction apparently frustrates the blocking efforts on the China side of the GFW.

DynaWeb can be accessed through http/https links or software of Freegate or DynaPass. DynaWeb was launched in March 2002 and visitors have been increasing ever since then. Access log shows that more than 90% of visitors are from China directly or through proxy.

  • On May 13, 2005, DIT Inc. released access log analysis for access through DynaWeb for Epochtime's commentary articles.
  • On May 13, 2005, DIT Inc. released access log analysis for access through DynaWeb for Epochtime's nine commentary in media format.
  • On April 15, 2005, DIT Inc. released client IP origination analysis for request through DynaWeb to resignate Chinese Communist Party or related orgnizations.