September 18, 2002 - DIT was quoted by Doug Nairne on "South China Morning Post [Premium]":

Bill Dong, a spokesman for Dynamic Internet Technology, a company providing technical services to Voice of America's Chinese-language Web site, said the attacks started at the end of April, around the same time the Minister for Public Security, Jia Chunwang, urged mainland law enforcers to be more aggressive in fighting hostile foreign forces subverting China via the Internet.

"We believe the viruses were specially created as an organised massive attack," he said.

Mr Dong said the viruses were mainly targeting well-known e-mail addresses for Falun Gong Web sites, banned news sites and technology sites set up to penetrate the information blockade in China such as They have also been sent to mailing lists and a wide range of groups Beijing considers subversive, including Chinese dissidents and Xinjiang independence activists.