November 13, 2002 - DIT was quoted in news article "Can China's Net censorship be beaten?":

With 30,000 Net police specializing in Net censorship, the People’s Republic of China has developed the largest and most sophisticated IP blocking and content filtering system in the world, said Bill Xia, president of Dynamic Internet Technology at a November 4 Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) roundtable.

DIT's DynaWeb is a proxy network launched in March this year to help Chinese users both download banned documents and other proscribed material, and reach Net sites blocked by the Chinese authorities.

Available at, it makes it tough for Chinese servers to identify users and makes it just as hard for PRC Net cops to block it because although its Web address stays the same, its IP frequently changes.
DIT spokesman Bill Dong told, "Now, it is clear that China has put domain name hijacking as their major way to block dissident sites. They are able to block a domain name within one day."

At the end of September, DynaWeb domain names were hijacked to a fixed IP in China, along with other sites such as Voice of America's Dong wrote a detailed report on this hijacking.

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