December 9, 2002 - Openflow published an article "DIT Inc. on Berkman filtering study":

What do DIT Inc. analysts think of the Berkman study?
This study provides by far the most comprehensive study of internet blockage in China about publicly available documents.

Would you say that the Berkman data matches DIT Inc's empirical analysis of China's filters?
What they described in the technical appendix is consistent with what we observe - except dynamic blocking that might affect his results. In certian senario, unrelated sites will be unaccessible for a while after the connection/computer used for testing trigger the blocking for keyword etc.

The Berkman data makes it clear that while filtering is evolving, on some levels it remains quite crude, often inadvertently blocking information for no apparent reason . .
. . Right! For the list found out, it is not surprising that some "innocent" sites are blocked as well. Their policy is to "kill 1000 innocent rather than miss one". They made mistake as well. When China first launched the DNS hijacking, and was mistakenly hijakced as well (even now). (AP reported it as possible hacking from Falun Gong, which is not true. AP 's report came after my report. Sorry they didn't take our analysis.)

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