February 3, 2004 - DIT was quoted in English Epoch Times' article "China's Internet Dilemma":

The authorities have recently started arresting people for posting what it deems negative articles on overseas websites. Frank Lu of the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said that “You no longer even need to be an activist; just posting your own article is enough. Fourteen Internet essay writers have been arrested, sentenced or denied appeal since mid-October 2003.

Add to this, the Government's increasing use of technology to block and divert users away from areas it considers sensitive. Bill Xia, President of U.S. company Dynamic Internet Technology said, "With new technology, they are upgrading their system within a couple of months, though they probably have to go through approvals, I'm rather impressed by their speed.”

Full Article: http://english.epochtimes.com/news/4-2-3/19358.html