With new technology, they're now upgrading their system within a couple of months," said Bill Xia, president of Dynamic Internet Technology, a U.S.

What do DIT Inc. analysts think of the Berkman study?
This study provides by far the most comprehensive study of internet blockage in China about publicly available documents.

Using Freenet-China, software created this year, people in China have been able to get to banned sites and documents, including government documents on the Tiananmen Square massacre, and Web sites for

With 30,000 Net police specializing in Net censorship, the People’s Republic of China has developed the largest and most sophisticated IP blocking and content filtering system in the world, said Bill

Bill Xia is a Chinese immigrant to the United States and president of Dynamic Internet Technology, a small U.S.-based company that provides technical services to help get Chinese-language e-mail to pe

IF SOME LAWMAKERS in the United States get their way, freedom-promoting computer hackers may soon receive a bucketful of money to battle China's Internet-censoring police.

WASHINGTON -- While the Great Wall no longer deters would-be invaders from entering China, experts meeting in Washington on Monday said the Chinese government continues to maintain a nearly rock-solid

Dynamic Internet Technology, a small company in Asheville, N.C., provides technical services to efforts by the Voice of America to get e-mail newsletters into China, using spammers' techniques like al

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