by Danielle Belopotosky

Armed with a computer, an Internet connection and Web phone, a housewife in

Sep. 16, 2004 - The Symantec accident is over Freegate5.2 was labeled as Trojan horse by Symantec's anti-virus product since Sep. 5 virus definition. This was corrected on Sep. 15.

The hactivists kept pounding away at the wall and Chinese today have found holes to dart through.

Still, sophisticated Chinese users report that it takes only some will and creativity to freely travel the Internet, thanks partly to Mr. Xia and other digital liberators.

Bill Xia left China for the US in the late 1990s. He keeps up with events in his homeland, mostly online.

To thwart censorship, many Internet users employ proxy networks, which act as portals to other sites and allow users to hide their computers' IP addresses.

The authorities have recently started arresting people for posting what it deems negative articles on overseas websites.

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