December 19, 2006 - Four Internet Anti-Jamming Technology Cos Partner to Pool Resources

IT News Online Staff

World's Gate Inc., the Dynamic Internet Technology Inc., the UltraReach Internet Corp. and the Garden Networks for Freedom of Information Inc., four companies in Internet anti-jamming technologies, have reached an agreement that starts full-scale cooperation in their technology and business operations.

Internet users in China are unable to access blocked overseas Web sites without outside help from the free world. Several companies, including the above four, have successfully developed and implemented technologies (anti-jamming services, also known as anti-blockade services) to enable Chinese users to break through the blockade and access overseas Web sites.

The companies said that in recent years, hundreds of thousands of users have been visiting Web sites outside China through services of these companies on a daily basis, and the accumulated number of visits has reached beyond one billion. The four companies have been providing services to many overseas Web sites on many topics, such as news, education, entertainment, human rights and politics. These companies act as a bridge between the Chinese Internet users and the blocked overseas Web sites.

"Funding of these anti-blockade tools and services, in addition to the income from various service contracts, comes from donations and in-kind contributions in different forms from people from all walks of life. Many talented people work for these companies as volunteers," said Bill Xia, President of the Dynamic Internet Technology Inc.

"Internet visits from China through the companies' networks and services have been increasing dramatically. However, the Chinese Communist regime has been employing increasingly sophisticated technologies to filter, block, monitor and mislead Internet users inside China. It has invested a huge amount of resources and manpower to update their technology of blocking and censoring the Web sites," said Jack He, President of Garden Networks for Freedom of Information Inc.

"We need to continue to enhance our network, so that more users can access overseas web sites without any restrictions and roadblocks, and this will eventually tear down the information censorship in totalitarian regimes like China. But our extremely limited funding and resources have restricted what we can actually accomplish," added He.

To reduce operational costs and better serve users, the companies decided to work together in several aspects of their anti-jamming services. In the agreement, The World's Gate has been authorized to exclusively represent the other three companies when entering into agreements with client Web sites for various anti-jamming services. New arrangements are being finalized among the companies for the human interest and human rights organizations to meet their special needs. At the same time, in order to use their limited resources more efficiently, they hope Web sites that have been using the anti-jamming services for free can contribute to the cost.